Some examples of use

Hi everybody,

Many people speak about using the grid and have a great experience with it.
I am using it in a personal project and would like to see some good implementation (and may be, inspire me of these one).

Can some people send URL where we can see some grid in use ?

Thanks for all.
Fred Arnal
August 7,
see http://open-modeling/dyndns.org/openmodeling215b an opensource project for example.

See http://open-modeling.sourceforge.net. Go to modelbrowser and navigate to process.

If you want to edit choose access from the tree menu logon ad model password om

John Ophof
August 7,
First link doesn't work.
For the second I can find the model browser.

Can you help me ?

Fred Arnal
August 8,
http://open-modeling.dyndns.org/openmodeling215b sorry for mistake here is the modelbrowser
John Ophof
August 8,

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