How to I get pagination? If I want to show 10 records / 20 records per page?

How to I get pagination? If I want to show 10 records / 20 records per page?
August 11,
It depends is all data coming from the server at once? How is it send to the client?
Maybe you can make a big array paginated by grid arrays if user push nexts you fill in the data of the grid and do a refresh,
John Ophof http://open-modeling.sourceforge.net
August 11,
I have it working for 10 rows at a time with a fixed pixel size (that I worked out from the font size).

I posted an example here that generates the JavaScript code via Perl -


Whereever you see $variablename or ${varname}, it gets changed to a literal string by Perl as its changed into JavaScript. But the idea is still the same.

If you have a horizontal scrollbar and less than 10 rows to display, its also easy to resize the grid so that the horizontal scrollbar appears just under the last row.
Anthony M.
August 12,
Oh, and you'll also need to read this thread -


to understand what the "tab1" ID is all about (CSS defines for the grid columns and some other style info). You won't need to tag the grid with
an ID if you only have one grid.
Anthony M.
August 12,

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