Context menu example...

Hello, i know some of you are working on context menu...
i would love to see a working AW grid that has a context menu that has a delete function on one of its menu items...
a very impressed user
August 18,
See openmodeling for an example of a contextmenu. We can for example print records which are selected (each row is a page to print).
http://www.openmodeling.info to see the demo click on demo the grids are under the model browser.
We did it by inheritance and made a openmodelinggrid.js.
Download the war file from the sourceforge project site and look in the code.
Any questions contact me via openmodeling site.

John Ophof http://open-modeling.sourceforge.net
September 15,

hey, thanks for the reply. I actually made it work after a couple of days. It was sloppy because of my codes but it was good for the mean time. I'm looking forward to see your cool context menu.

September 15,
You can see it yourself follow the demo link on http://www.openmodeling.info goto Model browser choose in the tree process or add some data to another branch of the tree. Use contextmenu and add.

John Ophof http://open-modeling.sourceforge.net
September 15,
is there an example in you grid when you select an option in a select form changes the value of a cell? that's what i'm looking for right now.

i hope some one could actually help me on this
September 16,
Implement on the input select field an onchange event. In that event update your data array. Last step refresh your grid like this: obj.refresh();

Good luck
John Ophof http://open-modeling.sourceforge.net
September 16,
hey there,

thats my problem, i don't know how to access that event or set a function on that event.

September 18,
Something like this:

<select onchange='update()'>


function update () {
/* here update you mydata of the grid */
/* maybe change the number of rows of your grid */
/* maybe change the number of columns of your grid */
/* maybe change the headers of your grid */
grid.refresh ();
John Ophof http://open-modeling.sourceforge.net
September 27,
We moved the demo machine to an external hosting firm see http://www.openmodeling.info/general/livedemo.htm
John Ophof http://open-modeling.sourceforge.net
October 7,

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