Grid not working in Firefox 1.0.6


I'm using Grid 1.0, and I can view the sample files using Firefox 1.0.6 in the filesystem. However, when I copy them to my web server, they can only be viewed in IE, not firefox.

We use the Mason engine (http://www.masonhq.com) to serve web pages, so JavaScript and CSS files are included in web pages using the "$m->comp" call. Essentially, what that means is that the body of the JavaScript and CSS files are copied in-line into the html pages.

When the grid.js and grid.css files are included into basic.htm (from the samples) using this method, the grid only works in IE. But in Firefox, only two small grey rectangles appear on the page.

I've taken this one step further: instead of doing "$m->comp", I copied all the text from grid.js and grid.css and directly pasted it into basic.htm. Then I opened basic.htm. Again, it only worked in IE. The same broken grid is shown in Firefox.

Any help in solving this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
August 31,
I'd like to add another comment ...

When the JavaScript and CSS contents are copied and pasted inline into basic.htm directly (instead of using <script> and <link> tags), the grid doesn't work in Firefox, even on my local file system. So the problem does not seem to be related to my Mason web server.

Why does the grid fail when the code is included inline in the HTML file?
August 31,
This problem could be due to gecko.xml (Mozilla XBL bindings) missing. I think it is really necessary to serve this file separately (well, I just don’t know how to include it into the page). gecko.xml location is defined relative to CSS files. If you include css inline you should either put gecko.xml into the same directory as your web page or replace all occurrences of -moz-binding: url(gecko.xml#... to the correct path.

Another possible problem – gecko.xml should be served with correct content type (i.e. text/xml)

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
August 31,
Hi Adrian

I have the same problem with my page, the grid in IE works fine, but in Firefox 1.5 only two small grey rectangles appear on the page.

can you help me with this problem????, because I try with this answers and don't work.

Please Help me....

Thaks a Lot.....
Desperate Sandra
March 15,

This problem is related to missing gecko.xml file. Please verify that you have gecko.xml in the same folder as grid.css (which you reference from this page). If you really have the gecko.xml file in this folder - it might happen that your web server does not send it with correct encoding or correct Content-type header so Firefox does not understand it as xml. Try to open gecko.xml in the browser window - Firefox should display it as XML and not just as text file.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
March 15,
Please load gecko.xml into Firefox from our website -


and compare with gecko.xml loaded from your webserver - they should look the same.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
March 15,
I am also facing the same problem. My code works fine in IE on windows, but does not display any grid in Safari on Mac.

gecko.xml file is same as mentioned in your link.

Please help.
Mandar Deshmukh
March 17,
AW 1.0.x does not work in Safari, but it should work fine in Firefox on Mac. Safari will be supported in AW 2.0 Professional Edition.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
March 17,

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