non-viewable area + printing

Is there a way of printing the entire set of data
instead of just the printable (active) area? Thx
November 17,
It should be possible to create a stylesheet which applies to the printing only. I'll try to investigate this.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
November 17,
Any progress on this? The grid is excellent, but I am getting requests to add functionality to allow the user to print the entire recordset, rather than just the rows that are visible.

I thought removing the vertical scrollbar with ".active-scroll-bars {overflow-y: hidden};" would do it, but it still just prints one page.
George Belardo
May 25,
you can set the print media to print a certain page format or document. perhaps export data to a .xls and set youor media print to that file. then it should print the whole file
June 8,

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