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In relation to a topic i starting regarding huge recordsets, I was wondering if anybody is having problems with the grad acting funny when you change the size of a column by dragging it out or in. The example I am using grabs a couple thousand records using the virtual mode, and everything works great unless you try to make one of the columns wider. If you do this the layout gets all messed up unless you scroll your mouse up and down on the whole grid, or page up or down. Any ideas???

Do i need to do some kind of refresh event when a column is resized??
Jim Shaffer
October 18,
I just tested the demo that Alex provided for virtual paging and increased the number of rows to 10,000 and saw no difference at in the column resizing. Are you setting any other events that might be interferring with this?
Jim Hunter
October 20,
I don't think so. I just loaded a 5000 row xml file, and tried dragging out one of the columns to make it wider. Which version is the example you are using? and how many columns does it have? my grid has 19 columns, and there is a fair amount of text, not just the word "text"
Give me an email for you and I will send you the xml file. See if it causes you any problems.
Jim Shaffer
October 20,
I have found the same problem consistently. If you have a grid within a table, the column resizing will not work unless you resort the column or mouseover each row. In AW 2.0 b2 I have found the problem does not occur in Netscape or Firefox, I only found the problem with IE. Jim Hunter had replied to a previous posting thinking that there was a workaround in AW 1.0, but I was not able to find it.
Rick Villela
November 8,
I am not aware of any workaround for 1.0 because 1.0 really did not handle huge amounts of data well. I do not used XML as my dataset because it is slower then a JS array. At least that was the case with 1.0, not sure if there is much of a difference in 2.0 between the two.
Jim Hunter
November 9,
This problem happens whether you have 1000 rows or 2 rows. It has to do with a having a grid in a table. Wrap a table around the xml-simple.htm example and you will see this problem on IE. I have a two part workaround, but it's only until it gets fixed.

Trap the column change event for the grid
//Check for browser since this is only happening in IE
if (navigator.appName=="Microsoft Internet Explorer")
   obj.onColumnWidthChanged = function(){ this.refresh() };

The above code will cause an error, so I had to make the following change to the source code (AW 2.0 b2 \lib\grid\seperator.js - line 59):
var id = e.previousSibling.id;
   if (id.match("header")){
      self.$owner.setColumnProperty("width", w, self.$0);
   } else if (id.match("topSelector")){
      self.$owner.setSelectorProperty("width", w);
// e.previousSibling.style.width = "";	//RV Comment out line 
   e = null;

I have not seen any ill effects from this, but again I think this should only be temporary until it gets fixed properly.
Rick Villela
November 9,
I can suggest this workaround until I could find better solution:

obj.onColumnWidthChanged = function(){


Alex (ActiveWidgets)
November 9,
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January 30,
Slashdot... what on earth are you talking about? You are asking for help but not providing any real information for us to help you.
Jim Hunter
January 30,
I guess this is about the problem when the grid does not work inside html <TABLE>. In many cases this can be solved adding style="table-layout:fixed" to the table tag. Unfortunately I don't know yet the solution how to fix it in all cases.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
January 30,
I am able to recreate the eratic scrolling issues by placing the following HTML around the grid script in the "xml - simple.htm" example file delivered with RC1.


<table style="table-layout:fixed; height:100%; width:100%"><tr style="height:20px"><td>test</td><tr><td>

[grid code here]



However, the problem only seems to occur with a decent amount of rows (>700).
February 3,
Looks a suitable workaround for me was the following

<body onresize="obj.setControlSize(document.body.clientWidth-8,document.body.clientHeight-36)">
February 3,

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