colour and width of new Combo control

A couple of further questions about the new Combo control:

I notice that in IE the background colour of the dropdown popup seems to be the same as the background colour of the page's body tag, whereas in FF it is white. I would think that following the background colour of the combo box itself (normally white - as with FF) is what is preferable - how would you do this in IE therefore?

Also how would you change the width of the dropdown pop-up? Again I would suggest that having the width of this the same as the width of the combo box is preferable.

(I have tried to look into some of the .js and .css files but no success so far; am I right that Combo uses the Popup template which looks like it uses styles of the parent page? I'm not really condifent enough to unravel this fully....)

Thanks once again
November 8,
Good call will,

I also think that the combo drowdown popup should be resizable, or at least at the same size as the combo... Therefore I am expecting the answer also!

But anyways, congratulations to the author(s?), wish I could work that fast!

November 8,
.... a further observation with the Combo:

If the Combo is used in a grid that is scrollable horizontally (say it is in a header row and is being used to generate a value for a filter), in FF, if the grid scrolls across, the dropdown popup appears where the Combo was prior to the scroll. In other words the popup seems to get cut adrift from its parent Combo box.

In IE, the dropdown popup sticks below its parent Combo box when it is used after the grid scrolls horizontally - just as it should.

November 8,
I'm having this same problem, the combo popup is about half the width of the parent combo, cutting off some values, any solution to this yet?
Roger Miller
December 22,
No. I've not really pursued this, given that it is clear that the development of the Combo object is not finished. (If you look at the example combo.htm in quickref folder there is a comment stating that 'Combo box object is not completed yet').

I guess we have to wait - let's hope this gets looked at and sorted out in the next beta release - is this the case, Alex?

December 22,
Any word on this? I also agree it would be nice if the drop down box were the same size as the selection box.
March 7,
I'm using v2.0.0 and I believe the width of the select dropdown box now scales with the width of the actual select box (which is specified using objCombo.setStyle("width",80))

March 8,
Not for me... dropdown is the same size no matter how big the combo is. The control doesn't work in FF either.
March 9,
The combo popup is always 120px wide no matter what I set the width of the combo control to.
March 9,
Oh happy day! I got it!

obj is your combo control...

var cnt= obj.getItemCount();
var popup= obj.getPopupTemplate();
March 9,
You can do it with a style such as:

  #myCombo {width: 200px; }
  #myCombo-popup {width: 250px;}

var obj = new AW.UI.Combo;

It uses the ID of your combo plus "-popup"
Rob Francis
March 9,

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