I just downloaded the Beta 2 and have some strange behavior. To keep things simple, I copied the grid.htm sample into a directory being served via IIS. The only change I made was to the path for aw.js, so that it points to a path in my directory.

When I open grid.htm from the browser as a file, it displays just fine. When I open it from the browser via http, the grid is not displayed. This seems like a simple directory issue, but I can't figure it out. Any ideas?
November 15,
You need more than just the aw.js you need the style folder as well. also change it's path in the grid.htm and it should be ok then.

Usually I just place the full runtime folder up there to make it easier to upgrade :)
November 15,
Yep, I have both changed and all of the styles and lang folders as well.

What I think is weird is it works using the file protocol but not HTTP. Any other ideas?
November 15,
Found it - IIS Permissions problem with the .js files, so they were'nt being pulled down to the browser!
November 15,

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