2.0 beta3 delayed until Thursday, November 24th

2.0 beta3 delayed until Thursday, November 24th :-(

On the positive side I was able to fix most of the rendering problems when grid is placed inside TABLE or nested tables. If someone has an example of layout where grid does not work properly (i.e. missing scrollbars or columns do not resize) could you please publish it (or send me) so I can do more testing with beta3.

Beta3 will also support Firefox 1.5
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
November 21,
Add the following code to the basic.htm example:
.aw-grid-row { _overflow: visible;} 

obj.getRowTemplate().setClass('text', 'wrap');

Then resize the Company Name column so that it forces a wrap of the test. You will notice that the text wraps and exceeds the control height, but no scroll bar appears.

Even with the following style addition, FireFox does not resize the rows:
.aw-grid-row.gecko {display: -moz-box; height: auto; width: auto; min-width: 100%; }

Rick Villela
November 21,

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