Set row CSS class based on dynamic XML data

What I am trying to achieve is this: My XML data has an attribute on an element called say "rowState" - what I would like to be able to do is define a few different CSS that would mimic the contents of the rowState attribute and then set the row class to be equal to the contents of the "rowState" attribute in my data.

My CSS would ideally be formed as:

.activeState .aw-row { background-color: ... }
.activeState .aw-column-0 { ... }
.activeState .aw-column-1 { ... }

.deletedState { ... }

Is it possible for the row to pick up a classname from the XML data? Can I do this programmatically? Even if the row concerned does not take all of the data from the XML document (say there are 20 elements contained in a "row" and the table only displays 5 of those) can I still get to those other 15 elements by reference to that row?

Thanks in advance
Jason Gates
November 21,

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