can't print

open quiekref/grid.htm with IE and click print menu ,can't print
November 22,
Check the forum.
This is already discussed (By me :))
Rik Smith
November 22,
BTW I assumed you are using version 2?
Rik Smith
November 22,
Rik Smith thanks for your reply. sorry for my english. I find your forum, but I can't find which code is control the print, is window.print()? I am using version 2 beta1, I using AW to display an grid in my page , if I remove the AW grid my page can print using window.print(), if not remove then can't print , so I try quiekref/grid.htm find the page can't print using window.print().
November 23,
The official AW answer is:

At the moment I would rather recommend making separate nicely formatted page on the server-side (using TABLE tag etc.).

Well i did so, made 1 <div> containing the grid,
made 1 <div> containing the data in a <table> and with css displayed the first grid on screen, and the second div when printing. Works perfect (of course i would rather like the grid printed but at the moment not possible)
Rik Smith
November 23,
thanks for your recommendation
November 23,
Hi I want to print only table in a form. is there any option to print one perticular table in a form?

[email protected]
December 26,

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