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On one of my computers, when I hover over the new controls, the images disappear and redraw. This happens as often as I hover over.

The strange bit is, I thought it was just a bug with the beta, but on my other two computers, it's fine!

I'm using ie6 on all computers. It works fine on Firefox.

This makes me think that either

1. I have a buggy version of ie on this computer
2. There is an IE setting that is causing this.

Any ideas, or anyone else seen this.
Dale Fraser
November 23,

most likely IE cache is switched off on this computer.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
November 23,

Where is this setting?

I looked everywhere and can't find it. Sounds right though, every time I hover over the status bar reloads the images.

Dale Fraser
Dale Fraser
November 24,
This could be due to a cache bug in IE also. Clear your internet cache and that sometimes resolves it if not lower the cache size to somthing normal like 50mb (that is over the top as well) if you still get the problem move the tempory internet files folder to another location and that will fix it

all that is just done in internet options, general tab -> settings
November 24,
btw there is a microsoft knowledge base article for the above I mentioned but I don't have time to dig it out :)
November 24,
I like your confidence,

But none of this fixed the problem. Any other ideas?
Dale Fraser
November 28,
Tools -> Internet Options, General Tab, Settings Button.

Check for newer versions of stored pages: automaticly
Chris Morgan
November 28,

Thanks Chris, that was the answer had to set to reload every time.

Umm, a FAQ on this site would be really helpful.
Dale Fraser
November 29,

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