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I've been looking quite a lot throught this forum, and a) I haven't found many possible solutions to my problem, b) I haven't understood some of them.

Anyway, I have this XML grid which can display numbers, numbers2, date, or strings.

I'm looking of some method by which I will be able to say on one column
"Support forum" and the user can click and go to the support forum.

And below it something different, like ... "free hosting" and the user clicks and goes to a free hosting website.

And below it another, and another, and.... (But most if not all will be different links with different words that you see to click.)

Oh, and the page (clicked link) should open in new window ("_blank")

Can anyone help?

Thanks a lot.

Guillermo vigil
(guillermo.vigil [at] gmail.com)
Guillermo vigil
November 24,
okay, I found a solution using CDATA.

Thanks anyway! ;)
Guillermo vigil
November 24,

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