changing rows ...(urgent)

Hi there i need to know how can i change rows between them..
Example I i want to change row number 2 with row number 5 not only data but the index too...
April 17,
The row order is defined by row model. You can retrieve row index array, change it and assign back:

var array = obj.getRowProperty("values");
var temp = array[2];
array[2] = array[5];
array[5] = temp;
obj.setRowProperty("values", array);
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
April 17,
Hi Alex is there a way to hide duplicate data in a grid . For example I have 10 rows with the value 1 . Instead I want just 1 row with the value 1 instead of 10 rows having the same value . Is there a way to hide duplicate data ??
Sachin Paradkar.
April 25,
Does anyone have a example on how to do so in v2 RC1 (change row order)?
The code above does not work, it seems like row properties are set in a different way in v2...
February 10,

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