Problems with v2 beta 3 under table or div section

Hi All,

One of fixed bugs in version 2 beta 3 is a malfuction of grid under table,tr or td (something similiar) but is not corrected.

Grid not works fine under table,tr,td or div section.
Some idea ??
December 7,
More information, this is a test under Internet Explorer v.6.0.xxx SP2
December 7,
I am using beta 3 with IE 6.0 SP2 and I have no more issues placing the grid inside other objects. Please provide your code so we can try and help you solve your problem.
Jim Hunter
December 7,
Just a note, I continue to have a column resizing problem, but only when i dynamically set the row height of the grid like so:

<%If intRowCount < 20 Then%>
obj.setControlSize(screen.width - 75, (25 * <%=intRowCount%>) + 27);
obj.setControlSize(screen.width - 75, 500);
<%End If%>

I didn't want to display the grid with a height of 500 if I only returned 3 rows of data, so I used the code above. But for some reason, this code causes the column resizing issues that I have been bringing up in this forum for a while.

Golfito, is your grid showing up at all??
Jim Shaffer
December 8,
That's not my case, the size of my grid is always fixed, that's function rights, my problem is if the grid is inside a Table, Tr, Td or Div section.

Imagine the following case, You have a form, with some HTML code hardcored, in on load event you call some function to loads the data dinamically and grows up the array with the data returned, set the properly functions/properties for the grid, and finally you access an element on the form by the ID tag and set the obj (grid), p.ej: DivObj.innerHTML = obj;

This works fine for example on a spam section, but if the ID is in one td or div section, the innerHTML draws the grid fine, but when I try to resize the columns causes fails the grid. Only the title of column is resized but not all rows, but if you pases the mouse over the rows this re-draws the row and placed in the correct size.

December 8,

try adding style="table-layout:fixed" to the parent table or, if you have multiple nested tables, you can add

table {table-layout:fixed}

to your stylesheet.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
December 9,
Have you tried that page with FireFox to see how it behaves? It would be good to know if this is a browser specific thing or if the behavior is the same across all browsers. Also, it would be good to see some of your code as I stuff grids in DIVs all day and don't have any problem.
As a side note, try this line instead of the one you have:

DivObj.innerHTML = obj.toString();

Once in a while things work better this way, I don't know why.
Jim Hunter
December 9,

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