Disabling horizontal scroll bar

Ive seen a few things in the forum and the documentation that come close but I cant get anything to work.

For a one column pivotted grid I want to disable the scroll bars as that column will always be in view.

Ive tried the following:


But no joy. Any ideas?

Alternatively, do you know of any way to make a column fit in the remaining available horizontal space in a browser.

ie this would change as the browser is potentially resized.
September 6,
OK, Ive made some progress. This works for disabling the horizontal scrollbar:

MyGrid.onScrollBarsChanging  = function(){return 1};

The only problem with this is that it shows the vertical scrollbar even when its not needed.

I guess I could resort to some kind of row counting to see if it needs to be switched between 'none' and 'vertical'. Its not ideal though, so if anybody knows some way to only show the vertical scroll bar when needed please let me know.
September 6,

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